How to install XAPK file ?

How to install XAPK file ?

How to install and extract xapk files on Android easily, you will find in this article everything you need to know in detail about the format and installation of XAPK files and their compatibility with different devices, in addition to a detailed explanation of the steps necessary to install these  files, XAPK files  on your phone, as you may You find some XAPK  applications installed on the play store, but now let’s get to know the manual method for installing XAPK on your phone.

When you download heavy games directly from the Play Store, you will see a message that tells you that additional files are downloaded. These additional files are game data or in the terms of Android, and the obb folder from these games such as PUBG Mobile , Call of Duty action and fighting game, and also a racing game Cars known as the Asphalt game, and other games, but some developers such as Jim Lovett allow you to download games only from the Play Store and then download additional content from within the game.
While some other developers have taken a different path in terms of providing their games as XAPK files, but you will not find any of the applications or games on the Play Store in the form of XAPK, because this format is not supported in Android phones, but you can convert and install XAPK files on Your Android phone, to do so take the following steps and also to deal effectively with APK files.

What are XAPK files? 

APKs files are compressed and common files for Android applications and games, but in recent times, XAPK files have become the correct and suitable files for Android applications, so what is XAPK? So instead of having two different files, the developers have put them into one file known as XAPK.

And you may end up sometimes opening and downloading side applications from external sites, so let’s now get to know the steps needed to install XAPK files and their compatibility with your phone.

Does your Android device support the XAPK file format?

Although the Android phone system does not allow installation  and it is necessary to download some middle-ware applications in order to be able to install XAPK, in this article we will teach you a way by which you can dispense with intermediate applications.

In order to be able to install XAPK files  directly on your Android phone, you will need to download a file management application such as ex file explorer and also a zip or rar application to decompress and extract files and through this article we will teach you how to manage files  however if you do not want to download ex file explorer , there is another way to do this, but longer and need more time and I perform the steps that will be spelled for you in this article first download xapk on the file computer or your mobile phone your own. now let us to identify the steps needed to install XAPK on your phone.

Steps for installing XAPK files :

  1. First, download the XAPK file you want to your device.
  2. Then download XAPK installer available in our site bring apk click here .
  3. Find the app you install that u download it at 1st step .
  4. near the app you gonna see install
  5. The installation will go through two stages :
    • installing data files (obb files) .
    • installing apk files .

XAPK Installer


XAPK Installer


that’s all Done congratulation 🙂