Google Maps gets the dark mode feature .. Here’s how to activate it

Google Maps gets the dark mode feature .. Here’s how to activate it

There were reports that the company Google wants to grant the application of Google Maps its very useful feature called the dark situation, and now users can use and enjoy the feature, apart from the fact that your operating system is Android or (iOS), the new dark situation feature is the subject of Great welcome, especially when using Google Maps at night.

The feature was discovered recently in a version code of Google Maps, and it was not possible to activate it when it was discovered, but it seems that this is changing now, according to ( 9to5Google ) reports , the first users found the ability to turn on dark mode in the settings of the Google Maps application in the Android system, Where there are three settings to choose from within the option called (appearance), in addition to the ability to activate the light or dark mode permanently, and if you want to apply the dark mode in the Maps application automatically, the application can follow the status of your device, for example: the dark mode is activated Automatically at a specific time of day.

 The dark mode reduces the brightness of the entire app screen, and no matter it is in the map or menus, all the features are more comfortable to use when using the app in the dark mode.

 Users have reported on the (Reddit) platform that their devices running Android 10 and Android 11 have received the feature in the past hours, and apparently, the dark mode is still not widespread, and changing the server does not affect only a few users so far.

When testing the new mode using version 10.51.1 of Google Maps, the feature was shown on some devices, while it was still missing on other smartphones running the same version.

So we have to wait and see if  Google is testing the new mode only with a small number of users or is it rolling out the feature slowly, as the new mode is also expected to reach (iOS) users in the near future.