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Automatic Call Recorder
Automatic Call Recorder
v 6.09.1

Automatic Call Recorder application to record incoming and outgoing calls automatically, save all your calls by voice in the phone and return to it at any time easily, save important calls in a private place, and adjust the recording process with contacts.


Automatically record voice calls

Many users prefer to record the calls they make, whether for work-related purposes such as journalists or for fun with friends and others, and although some modern phone systems support call recording, this application will give you greater possibilities in the process of recording calls, as it automatically records calls, With the ability to ignore some contacts or select a group of contacts to record their calls only and many other features.

Interact with the list of recorded calls

Once you make or receive a new call, the application will record it automatically, and when you open the application, you will find a list of incoming and outgoing calls, indicating the duration of the call, the date and time it was made, but unfortunately the name of the contact is not displayed and you must set the contact related to the call, press any record To show you a lot of options, such as adding a note about the call, setting an alarm for the caller, or sharing the audio file for the call via apps.

Save important calls in a separate place

All calls that are recorded automatically are added to the Inbox section, there is a limit to the number of calls in the inbox that you can set from the settings, and when this limit is exceeded the old calls are deleted and replaced with new calls, you can select some important calls and save them in the Saved section, in order to avoid losing them Or delete it after a period of time, and any of the incoming calls or saved recordings can be heard at any time.

Set recording and contact options

By default, the application records all incoming and outgoing calls to all contacts, you can modify the way the application works with contacts in several ways, such as selecting a group of contacts to ignore recording their calls, or vice versa by selecting several contacts only to record their calls, there are also options related to the quality Record audio, choose a suitable storage location, and many more.

Features of Automatic Call Recorder application

  1. Automatically record all incoming and outgoing calls.
  2. View the duration, time and date of calls.
  3. Add some notes to the calls to distinguish them.
  4. Listen to the call recording at any time.
  5. Specify a specific volume for the number of recorded calls.
  6. Save important calls in a separate section.
  7. Easily share audio files for recordings.
  8. Ignore call recording for some contacts.



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