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It is one of the most famous applications in the world and it is also a site that was created by Mark Zuckerberg who launched the site in 2004 and was initially a website for communication between members of his group and then the idea of ​​the site became famous among many universities and after this the site became spread among the countries throughout The world and after a few years, Facebook started to exist in the Arab world and spread has expanded all over the world until it reached what it is now and has become one of the largest companies in the world and Facebook has acquired a lot of small companies such as their purchase of the Instagram application known in Post photos and Videos as a social networking application, but it is not a Facebook application, as Facebook includes posting maneuvers, adding friends, creating groups and pages, as it is more extensive than Instagram, and Facebook has also purchased the WhatsApp messaging app. WhatsApp is the most popular application in the field of sending messages and communication Among the people The company is currently developing many projects that are related to artificial intelligence and other projects of modern technology.

Facebook direct download in our website where we provide you with the download from our site for free in the format of apk and also we constantly update the files in our site in order to get the latest version and update the application you want and all this for free, download Facebook for mobile Facebook Android and iPhone and also there is a copy for the computer without the need to Open it on the browser, the application is distinguished by the bin. You can communicate a video by calling the video feature between your friends, and the best thing about it is that you can call a video group at the same time. The topic is not limited to two people only, such as this in the voice call as well. For a video, you can add filters to your face during the call, as well as add accessories to you and many other wonderful things that you can do during the video call.

Download Facebook for mobile direct link
Facebook has one of its advantages that it works on all phones with all operating systems, whether Android, iPhone, Windows Phone or even BlackBerry and also does not require high capabilities to run the application as it works on any phone even if it has the lowest capabilities in the world and this is what distinguishes the application from other The application and you may find many applications and games that need high capabilities and do not work on all phones, but most of this is found in games and not applications, so do not worry about this topic in the application will work on your phone.

Facebook application features

  • Facebook application is the most popular social networking site in the world.
  • Facebook download is free and does not require any expenses.
  • Download Facebook with direct link apk from our website
  • Facebook direct download: You can Facebook to communicate with people by sending messages to them and adding them to your friends.
  • You can send photos and videos easily in any size you want to anyone you have.
  • You can write posts and post them on your personal page for your friends to see, like and comment on.
  • You can also download the Facebook Messenger application, which makes it easy for you to chat with your friends where you can send messages while you are using an application or game without having to exit from the current application to open the Facebook application to send messages.
  • You can create pages for your projects that you work with to help you spread between people and increase your sales.
  • You can also reach a large number of people by making a funded advertisement on Facebook, which speeds up the process of spreading your work to many people, and you can also specify from which country they are also determining their interest to suit your field of work.

the app that helps you get to know new friends in your life from the last countries of the world.
You can from this application quickly communicate with friends and share your photos and videos with them and you can watch your friends’ activities and follow them constantly and from this application you can display your sales in an advertisement or in a page related to these sales and you can buy other products from pages Many provide you with this application and you can comment on the publications of your friends on this application and you can comment on their personal photos and comment to them and they can reply to you in this comment and they also can work like and comments on your private posts and your own pictures and you can from this application to congratulate Some are birthdays and Official holidays such as Eid Al-Fitr and for the blessed Eid Al-Adha, and there are many games in this application that you can use and enjoy throughout your free time and when your friends make signs or comics on your posts you receive alert notifications for that and this application is only available for adults 13 years of age and You can also from this application to ban anyone who annoys you on Facebook, and this application can also temporarily prohibit anyone who violates the application policy.

Download the Facebook application
Facebook direct download: This prohibited person cannot comment on the publications of his friends and there is in this application an update from time to time and these updates are every time better than the other and you can download this application from the Google Play program and you can in this application share the past memories And Facebook provides for mobile Facebook about providing job opportunities for you and the occasion to you and you can save the important items you have in this application and you can use Facebook to buy many products on the pages such as clothes, shoes, mobile phone and pages of restaurants and supermarkets and you can also To buy tools from outside Egypt and import them from The world’s and you can communicate with any country in the world of this application and you can work group or Group you and your friends and Taatnaakecon where all the conditions of your country or your village and to clarify the problems facing the village and you can repair

The importance of Facebook in our Arab society
Facebook is one of the most popular programs globally all over the world, as it is a very large social networking company so people can join regions and schools in order to contact, join and communicate with the other world easily and easily. Facebook is a huge spider web download Facebook for Android, where it was The establishment of Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg in cooperation with Dustin Moskowitz and Chris Hughes. Facebook raised a great controversy recently as Facebook was used by Egyptian youth in cooperation with young people. The January Revolution had a very significant impact on Facebook in this revolution that had an impact J change and authorities here have been

Facebook’s popularity is more than its reputation, and anyone 13 years of age can create a private account with it on a company and Facebook site and Facebook will remain free to communicate with the world and open up with each other and learn about things that were not known to man so he knows everything that is going on around you from your place And their participation in expressing your opinion, so your openness to the world has become from your home through your mobile phone. Through Facebook, you can contact people in places all over the world and make many friends, and you can promote anything around you or anything you own, you can buy, sell and switch in any product Of our life products and get CVA A rumor

More through your home without making any effort and also you can follow news and sports and follow the pages of actors and communicate with them and share your photos and memories from the excellent company in Facebook that it follows you first Powell and send the necessary updates always and take care of your privacy and protection because it matters a lot to keep you because that is based By raising its profile and evaluating it globally as it is protected from more than one company and international programmers to follow up on your complaint and work to resolve it as soon as possible, a Facebook link is provided for all mobile phones that

Supports Android, iOS and slim phones that are limited to opening Facebook but not in high quality or with high capabilities, through which you can create your own account and follow a lot for you through the content you provide and be among the internationally famous people and your opinion and your writing appear when millions of people and also Facebook Linked to Instagram, WhatsApp features are very miraculous and we benefit from them a lot today.

Important features of the famous Facebook application

  • Facebook provides communication between the entire world from all groups of the people and works to link them and create communication and openness to the outside world and knowledge of new things on the human person.
  • Facebook allows you to earn money from it, and you can also promote your own products on it, interact with you and dispose of your product easily and conveniently in many ways.
    The Facebook service provides when earthquakes or accidents happen and you are close to them so he sends you a notification to check on you and deliver a message to you that you are far from those events in order to protect you from danger.
  • Facebook gives you many advantages such as news, politics, sports, culture and many fields in all languages ​​of the world so you can know everything on your mind with just one click of a button.
  • Facebook suggests people you have knowledge of, or upload something that confirms your knowledge of them.
  • Mark Elvis, and it is possible through correspondence with a friend to open a live broadcast and transmit a live image from each person’s location.
  • Send files and photos between you and anyone, anywhere in the world. Facebook Apk.
  • You can do what is called a group between you and any people and use it for good and good deeds.
  • Allow the world to communicate, share your opinions, and share your opinions without hindrance.


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