Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars
  • Android 4.3 and up +
  • Current Version: 32.165
  • Varies with device

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💡 Game Name Brawl Stars
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📱 Requires Android Android 4.3 and up
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The new Brawl Stars game full of challenges and online competition, choose your favorite hero and select the appropriate battlefield with different rules, play alone or as part of a team, open more heroes and playgrounds.

About Brawl Stars

The game Brawl Stars or Brawl Stars was released by SuperCell, famous for designing the most famous games among users such as Clash of Clans , Clash Royale , Boom Beach , Hi Day , and the game Brawl Stars was launched in late 2017 initially in the Canadian store only, and the company Later on, it was added to many stores around the world, to spread widely among fans of games.

As is the case for SuperCell  games, the game requires a constant connection to the Internet, it is a competitive game over the Internet, in which you meet a lot of players, whether as your opponents or as a team, and in the game there are many heroes that you open as you continue to play, and it is characterized by the diversity of playing events with the change of the rules of the game in Each event, and the appearance of events changes continuously and daily, and there are special events that require a certain number of trophies that you collect when winning events.

Types of heroes and their development

There are about 22 different heroes in the game Brawl Stars , and the heroes differ in their shapes, their strength and the strength of their weapons. In Advance Mode when an opponent is hit multiple times.

And you can vary between heroes according to the event that you will play, and there are common, rare, very rare, epic, legendary and legendary heroes, and the strength of the heroes and the strength of their weapons increases when they are developed.


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Game events and rules

In the game there are a lot of events that can be played by your favorite heroes, and the events differ in several things such as the playing area, the rules for winning, etc. By entering a friendly match and playing without counting cups or losing.

We will now explain the events and the rules of play in them:

  • Collect gems
    and be played in a 3v3 team, and the goal of the game is to collect the largest number of gems that emanate from the gems mine in the middle of the playing field, or collect them after defeating the members of the opposing team, and the team must keep ten gems throughout the countdown to win the confrontation .
  • The decisive confrontation
    It can be played alone or with a colleague within ten players or ten pairs, and the goal of the event is to stay alive for as long as possible, the player or duo who will eliminate the ten enemies in the game area and will survive is considered a winner, you can collect the boxes that increase your strength and attack power And, beware of poisonous clouds approaching you on the playing field.
  • The burglary
    is played in a 3v3 team, and the aim of the event is to attempt to rob the opponent’s treasury, with the obligation to defend your team’s treasury, and the team that will destroy the opponent’s treasury is deemed to win, if the time runs out before either of the two treasury is destroyed, the team that inflicted the most damage on the treasury The enemy is the winner.
  • The prize
    is played in a 3-against-3 team, and the goal of the event is to defeat the opponent’s players to obtain stars, every time you defeat your opponent, your defeat bonus increases by one star and may reach seven stars, so beware that the opponent defeats you and seizes it, and the team that will be able to collect the largest Several stars are considered winners.
  • The Battle Ball
    is played in a 3v3 team, and the objective in this event is to take the ball in the playing field to the opponent team’s net, and the team that will be able to score two goals is considered the winner.

Hero Controls

You can control your hero very easily, from the left side of the screen you can press anywhere to control the movement of the hero in the playing field in all directions, and on the right side your weapon is used by drawing in the appropriate direction, and when you successfully hit the opponent for several times, it is activated The upgraded weapon, and you can pull the upgraded device in the desired direction and launch.

Create your own team and federations

You can link the game with your Facebook account to view the players participating in the game, then you can direct friend requests to them to include them in the friends list in the game, then you can create your own team of friends and participate in various game events.

You can also join an existing union in the game, where the best federations are displayed with the number of cups obtained by each union, the number of members, etc. Union with others so they can find it by searching in the unions section.

The store and the brawl boxes

The game contains a special store through which you can see the daily offers, where you get on a daily basis a battle box that contains gold coins and strengths, and you can also buy strengths with gold coins, which can be used in the process of developing heroes to advanced levels, and each level requires a number Specific strengths to allow development.

You can get more Battle Chests containing gold coins and strengths by winning various events.

Features of the game Brawl Stars

  • The game is more than wonderful and full of challenges and competition.
  • Requires an internet connection in order to compete with other players.
  • Huge number of heroes that you unlock as you keep playing.
  • Each hero has different characteristics and weapons.
  • Develop heroes to increase their power and the power of their own weapons.
  • Various events that differ in rules and number of players.
  • Entering a friendly match to experience events without counting win and loss.
  • Obtain Battle Chests containing Gold Coins and Hero Strengths.
  • A special store to buy strengths and get free daily prizes.
  • Join a union or link the game with a Facebook account to create special teams.

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